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Beginner DJ Series # 4: Mixtapes and Why I Hate Making Them.

I know I said Vocab was next but that’s taking forever and I wanted to get something out to you guys. This is kind of early in the Beginner series to be talking about mixtapes, but I’m working on several right now and I figured I’d go ahead and get this topic out of the way. This isn’t a how to. The website Digital DJ Tips already did an excellent series on how to make a mixtape that covers the basics that aren’t specific to any genre (there’s plenty of other great articles there too, so go check the whole site out). In this post, I’m just going to talk about what they are (generally), why you need one, and when you should record one. Also, why they’re they bane of my existence.

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Beginner DJ Series #3: Mindset of a DJ

This one’s a little abstract. No skills or gear covered, just some myths, misconceptions, and general things you should know about what it means to be a DJ and advice you should get in your head before you even start. Keep in mind I’m talking specifically about being a breaks DJ, some club DJs don’t deal with the same problems that we do. They have an entirely different set of issues to deal with (“CAN YOU PLAY BOOTS WITH THE FUR!”)

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Beginner DJ Series #2: Digging for Records


In the last post in this series I covered the basics you need to know for picking out your first set of DJ equipment. Once you have the equipment, what good is it if you don’t have records? Today I’m gonna discuss the process of crate-digging, how to actually search for records, where to find them, what to look for and how to choose when you can’t listen.

I’m going to be focusing mostly on how to dig for breaks suitable for a b-boy battle but a lot of the same strategies can be applied to digging for samples or simply for the pleasure of collecting. Continue reading


DJ Beginner Series #1: Equipment


Lately as I go to b-boy jams I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me how to start DJ’ing, how much the gear costs and if it’s easy to learn. I love hearing stuff like this from b-boys because it shows that some of them are starting to take a genuine interest in the art form, which I think is how it should be. Even if you don’t want to actually DJ, it doesn’t hurt to take the time to learn to appreciate and understand it. After all, a lot of the DJ’s playing b-boy jams may not b-boy or dance but they have taken the time to learn about your art form so they can do their jobs better. If you, as a dancer, can learn to understand the art form a bit better you might be a little more prepared and know when a DJ might change songs or you’ll be able to pick up their juggle pattern in a battle and know when to rock certain accents.

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