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New Mix for the Summer

Just in time for your weekend BBQs! 
New mix for the summer, not a lot of planning for this one. Had a vague idea a couple weeks ago, went on vacation, came back and recorded it in the last couple days. Working on some other mix projects and a lot of these are songs that weren’t quite working in those combined with stuff I’ve been playing recently at my club/bar gigs. As usual with most of my mixes, heavy on groove so expect some funk, disco, house, Afrobeat and things  in between.

Enjoy and share to spread the groove if you dig it!

Summer 2015 – AlphaTrion


Bashville Stampede 8 All Styles/Summer ’13 Mix

The Bashville 8 All Styles mix is done. Took me a while to get it out there for various reasons but since it took so long there will be another coming up soon to make up for lost time. If you don’t hear a particular genre or song you like from the past couple Bashville battles, you can probably expect to hear it on the next one.

A collection of songs played at the Bashville Stampede All Styles battles along with a few others.

1. Sergio Mendes – Magalenha

2. Brothers Vibe – Brothers Smokin

3. Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love (1994)

4. The Gaff/Marvin Gaye – Calypso Blues Mix

5. Metro Area – Dance Reaction

6. Sagat – Luvstuff (Ghetto mix)

7. Masters At Work – The Ha Dance (Edit)

8. Scissor Sisters -Let’s Have A Kiki (Album Clean Version)

9. BYRELLtheGREAT – Everybody VOGUE!

10. Todd Terry / MikeQ – Samba (MikeQ Remix)

11. Machinedrum – Mean Mean

12. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

13. The Chemical Brothers – Morning Lemon

14. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (feat. Otis Redding) (Gant-Man’s “Otis Jacks” Remix)

15. Beyonce & Jack Beats – Countdown (Top Billin party edit)

16. Gabriel Wizard – Just Begun

17. Seelenluft – Manila (Headman remix edit)

18. Marco Dos Santos – Not On The Guest List

19. Junior Senior – Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix)

20. Giorgio Moroder – If You Weren’t Afraid

21. Norrit – You Were Just Callin – Original Mix

22. Radiohead – Idioteque

23. Brenmar – Temperature Rising

24. Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne – Look At Me Now (Crystal Vision & EA Jorts Bootleg Remix)

25. Lunice – Hitmanes Anthem

26. 16bit – Skullcrack VIP

27. PSY – Gangnam Style – Diplo Remix (Inst)

28. Keys N Krates – Treat Me Right

29. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Daydreamin (Juktronik)

30. Ciara – Body Party (Laberge footwork edit)

31. DJ Trouble – Bangs & Works

32. DJ Rashad – Feel Da Soundz

33. J. Baracuz – One Way Ticket (Damscray Remix)

34. Jonwayne – Time Trial

About Damn Time

So about two years ago I bought a used MPC 1000 from Beatlab in Atlanta. In those two years I’ve chopped a few dozen samples and breaks and done absolutely nothing with them. Last Saturday I picked up a few 45s without listening and just hoped something was cool on there. I happened to find one with a great intro and I had to do something with it. Sat down Thanksgiving day and started it and I just finished it a few minutes ago. I haven’t actually finished a song since I was in high school and working with the early versions of Reason so this is kind of a big accomplishment for me. It’s nothing that’s going to change the world but I dig it enough to put it on my iPod, hopefully you will too.


Some Mixes Worth Checking Out

Been taking a break for a little while from writing the regular blog posts till I can try and give the site a visual update. Till then I though I’d share some mixes that I’ve been listening to lately.

Ingredientz of Flava

First up is the Ingredientz of Flava from DJ Lean Rock (Floorlordz/Boston) and B-Ryan (Little Green Apples/FLA).

First half of the mix is handled by Lean Rock, second half by B-Ryan. It’s a solid mix all the way through and it’s already gotten my crew and I through several practices. You’ll have to purchase to download but it’s definitely worth the 10 bucks.

Heavy Warmup Series

This has been one of my favorite mix series in a while. The Heavy Warmup is based on the Heavy Warmup DJ slot which according to DJ Ayres, who’s been putting the series together, is…

…it’s the time of the night when people are getting their second drink, the dancefloor is just starting to fill up, and the DJ can tease the crowd with great forgotten jams and new secret weapons.

A lot of great DJs like DJ Eleven, Low Budget (Hollertronix), and DJ Anonymous have contributed to the series. You’ll hear a lot of classics in this series and a diverse range of mixing styles. Highly recommended.

The embedded soundcloud link is the first in the series. The rest can be found on DJ Ayre’s website here:


DJ JayceeOh Presents Super Seven Mix Series

DJ JayceeOh shares the mixing responsibilities with six other DJs on each of the four volumes of this series. The DJs who share time with him on the mixes are serious heavy hitters; Eleven, Benzi, Skratch Bastid, Mike B., Cosmo Baker, etc. Each DJ gets about 10 minutes per mix. The segments are pretty diverse on each mix and you’ll go from hip-hop to dancehall to house to who knows what else on each mix. You never get bored with anything in the series.

Embedded is the first in the series, link to the rest of the series below.

Bashville Stampede 7 All Styles Mix is Done

Finally finished and uploaded Bashville Stampede 7 All Styles. I’m pretty happy with it, was able to get in 95% of the songs I wanted to use on this mix and things turned out how I wanted. So for now my hatred for mixtapes has subsided for a bit. I’m planning to do a Beginner Series blog later going over the making of the mix where I talk about why I chose certain songs or blends, the mixing techniques I’m using in the mix, and things like that. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, you can start looking forward to the next one. Already building a playlist. Hope to have it released, in hard copy, at Bashville Stampede 8. Download links after the jump.

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