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New Mix for the Summer

Just in time for your weekend BBQs! 
New mix for the summer, not a lot of planning for this one. Had a vague idea a couple weeks ago, went on vacation, came back and recorded it in the last couple days. Working on some other mix projects and a lot of these are songs that weren’t quite working in those combined with stuff I’ve been playing recently at my club/bar gigs. As usual with most of my mixes, heavy on groove so expect some funk, disco, house, Afrobeat and things  in between.

Enjoy and share to spread the groove if you dig it!

Summer 2015 – AlphaTrion


The Present and Future of “All Styles” Battles

I’ve seen a lot of discussion on Facebook, forums, at jams, at house parties after the jam, and in car rides that revolve around “All Styles” battles (I’ll explain why I’m using quotes later). There’s a lot of controversy as to what they are, what they should be and how (or even if) they should be integrated in to the b-boy community. These discussions always seem to occur with a lot of b-boys and b-boy promoters chiming in but the thing that’s absent is input from the all styles competitors, judges, and DJ’s themselves. In the rush to figure out how it fits in the b-boy community, they seem to have been left largely out of the equation.

In the past three years I’ve ended up DJ’ing a lot of All Styles battles at Bashville Stampede, the Battle Ground Zero series in Indiana, and the Sickest of the South series in Baton Rouge along with several in Atlanta. Over time, I’ve grown to really enjoy these battles and the vibe the competitors bring to it and I respect what I think is a new scene in it’s own right. In this post, I wanted to talk about my thoughts on the “All Styles” scene; what I think lead to it, where it is, and where I think it will or should go from here. Continue reading

Bashville Stampede 7 All Styles Mix is Done

Finally finished and uploaded Bashville Stampede 7 All Styles. I’m pretty happy with it, was able to get in 95% of the songs I wanted to use on this mix and things turned out how I wanted. So for now my hatred for mixtapes has subsided for a bit. I’m planning to do a Beginner Series blog later going over the making of the mix where I talk about why I chose certain songs or blends, the mixing techniques I’m using in the mix, and things like that. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, you can start looking forward to the next one. Already building a playlist. Hope to have it released, in hard copy, at Bashville Stampede 8. Download links after the jump.

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An Explanation of the Bashville Stampede All Styles Battles


I’ve been doing the All Styles battles at Bashville Stampede for the past 3 years now and each years there’s always a lot of questions of how it’s run, what type of music gets played, and most of all what is an all styles battle anyway? I’m gonna try and address a lot of those questions with this brief FAQ. This is all regarding how All Styles battles go at Bashville Stampede and how a lot of the ones are run that I typically DJ. Some events may vary from what I say.

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