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How to Throw a Jam Master Post

Part 1: Vibe – Deciding what exactly your event is going to be and what purpose it will serve in the scene; why are you throwing a jam?
Part 2: Budget – How much will your event cost total and where does the money go?
Part 3: Date & Venue – When and where should you throw your event?
Part 4: Personnel – Who should you hire and what exactly is their job?
Part 4.5: A Breaking Promoter’s Guide to Dealing with the DJ – Pretty self explanatory from the title but the info is useful for all members of your team
Part 5: Promotion – Getting the word out

Part 6: Final Hours – What’s the day of the event going to look like and what should you keep in mind?

How to Throw a Jam pt. 6: Final Hours

Bashville EmptyThis will be the last in the How to Throw a Jam series.  At the bottom, you’ll find links to all the previous installments in the series. In the future I might compile everything into a single PDF or other ebook format. If anybody’s interested in that, just let me know.
In this installment, I’ll be going over the final days of the event and how that can go, what speed bumps to avoid and what to do once everything’s settled. I’ll start off in the week leading up which mostly consists of…

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