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How to Throw a Jam Pt. 2: Budget

You’ve decided on a vibe, so let’s figure out cost…how much is this going to run?

More than you have. Go into promotion expecting or at least prepared to lose money. There’s no way around it. I’ve never spoken to a single promoter that made a profit on their first (or sometimes, any) of their events. It’s just a fact of this style of promotion. Throwing a dance event is a gamble.

You’re not selling bottle service and a VIP section, you’re selling an opportunity to dance with a bunch of people who probably already see each other every weekend. It’s extremely easy for b-boys to talk themselves out of attending an event since there are so many these days. If you did the work we talked about in the article about vibe, then hopefully you’ve already got a concept that sets your event apart enough to make it worth going.

Now that it’s worth going to in your head, you have to put a dollar sign on all the things that make it that way…
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Tips for Being a B-boy in a Club

We don’t get a whole lot of oppurtunities to dance. Outside of jams and practice sessions we don’t have many options and we all know that’s simply not enough. Every now and then you’ll have to actually get out and be around non-b-boys at a club. Now you might just be going to hang out and they start playing some James Brown or maybe you went out with the intention of b-boying…but chances are, you will end up getting down at some point. However, I think there are some rules to abide by so that you and any other b-boy aren’t permanently banned from the club.

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