Bashville Stampede 8 All Styles/Summer ’13 Mix

The Bashville 8 All Styles mix is done. Took me a while to get it out there for various reasons but since it took so long there will be another coming up soon to make up for lost time. If you don’t hear a particular genre or song you like from the past couple Bashville battles, you can probably expect to hear it on the next one.

A collection of songs played at the Bashville Stampede All Styles battles along with a few others.

1. Sergio Mendes – Magalenha

2. Brothers Vibe – Brothers Smokin

3. Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love (1994)

4. The Gaff/Marvin Gaye – Calypso Blues Mix

5. Metro Area – Dance Reaction

6. Sagat – Luvstuff (Ghetto mix)

7. Masters At Work – The Ha Dance (Edit)

8. Scissor Sisters -Let’s Have A Kiki (Album Clean Version)

9. BYRELLtheGREAT – Everybody VOGUE!

10. Todd Terry / MikeQ – Samba (MikeQ Remix)

11. Machinedrum – Mean Mean

12. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

13. The Chemical Brothers – Morning Lemon

14. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (feat. Otis Redding) (Gant-Man’s “Otis Jacks” Remix)

15. Beyonce & Jack Beats – Countdown (Top Billin party edit)

16. Gabriel Wizard – Just Begun

17. Seelenluft – Manila (Headman remix edit)

18. Marco Dos Santos – Not On The Guest List

19. Junior Senior – Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix)

20. Giorgio Moroder – If You Weren’t Afraid

21. Norrit – You Were Just Callin – Original Mix

22. Radiohead – Idioteque

23. Brenmar – Temperature Rising

24. Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne – Look At Me Now (Crystal Vision & EA Jorts Bootleg Remix)

25. Lunice – Hitmanes Anthem

26. 16bit – Skullcrack VIP

27. PSY – Gangnam Style – Diplo Remix (Inst)

28. Keys N Krates – Treat Me Right

29. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Daydreamin (Juktronik)

30. Ciara – Body Party (Laberge footwork edit)

31. DJ Trouble – Bangs & Works

32. DJ Rashad – Feel Da Soundz

33. J. Baracuz – One Way Ticket (Damscray Remix)

34. Jonwayne – Time Trial


The Backcue & B-boy Document on Tumblr

If you’re on tumblr, you can also follow The Backcue on Tumblr where I’ll post articles from here and various things that come across my feed related to DJ’ing and digging.

And yesterday I was going through my flyer collection after a recent move (the reason the frequency of posts on here have gone down recently), and I decided to start a blog for that collection. It’s mostly jams in Georgia and around the south dating back to around 2002. I’ll be posting one or two a day so feel free to head on over to tumblr follow The B-boy Document.


A Guide to Getting Into Vinyl

I’m a big supporter of vinyl and not just because I’m a DJ. Even if I hung my headphones up tomorrow, I’d still be hitting up record stores for my music. As convenient as it is to just download an mp3, I still prefer a physical thing that I can hold and read the liner notes or look at the artwork.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, record stores have been on a steady decline and fewer artists and labels are offering vinyl copies of their releases. The only way to counter that trend is to increase sales and to that end I hope to get you, an all digital purveyor of music, to cross over into the analog world.

This will be a guide to getting into the wide world of wax; the pros and cons of vinyl, what gear you need and where to get it, how to store and take care of your collection, and where to buy your records. In the interest of getting more people into vinyl at the lowest possible cost, this is geared towards the casual listener and not the audiophile (a person who has sex with audio waves). I’m aware there is better equipment than what I’m talking about and I’m not going into frequency ranges or tubes or any technical minutiae. I’m keeping this as simple as possible.

So read on and come over to the dark side (or picture disc side if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Crate Digging – Don’t Do It

This is a bit old but I hadn’t seen it in a while and thought I’d share it again.

Dutch illustrator Stefan Glerum did a series entitled “Crate Digging – Don’t Do It” in 2008 that illustrates the dangers we crate diggers encounter. It sums up our plight pretty well. I’ve put the full series after the jump but be sure to check Stefan’s website. He’s got a ton of great art up and some prints for sale, I didn’t see any from this series for sale but if you’re interested, you could try contacting him.

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How to Travel for B-boy Jams and Get the Most Out of the Trip


I’ve talked about traveling a bit here and here but I wanted to give a little more practical advice on how to get the most out of your trip (and your dollar) when you’re traveling for b-boy jams. Toyz of Lionz of Zion also wrote a similar blog post on More Than a Stance but his deals more with traveling abroad (I still recommend it). I’m going to focus on the more mundane 5-10 hour car trip that’s pretty common for most b-boys.

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Welcome to The Backcue

Welcome to The Backcue. Why did I change the name from AlphaTrion’s Base? After a few articles and following what I wanted to talk about, I realized the name limited my scope. I didn’t want to just talk about me or promote my stuff (I’m still going to do plenty of both). My goal is to think critically and offer what knowledge I can on the two topics that dominate my life; DJ’ing and B-boying. I also wanted to leave the possibility to expand in the future whatever that might entail.

Also, I forgot to pay the bill to renew my domain name subscription last year.

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Why You’re Not Getting Booked (Link inside)

If you haven’t checked it out yet, DJ Tech Tools posts a lot of great articles. Recently, Nick Minieri of the Beantown Boogie Down blog posted this article: Bedroom DJ Woes: Why You’re Not Getting Booked (and What to do About It)

It does an excellent job of covering a major complaint of every DJ at some point in their career which is not getting work. There’s some great advice in there that applies just as much to breaks DJs as club DJs.

Going from a B-boy to a B-man (Feel free to hate me for saying “B-man,” I’m way ahead of you.)

There’s a certain stereotype for the b-boy. He’s between 17 and 30. He doesn’t have a steady job. Rarely has any money. No car. No girlfriend.┬áNo real future. We’ve come to accept this as the norm and we even celebrate it. We call it living the b-boy life and pride ourselves more on how many jams we’ve been to or won than how much we have saved up in our bank accounts or how successful we are at our careers. Let me be the first to say fuck that.
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